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Ambidextrous Organization and Organizational Change

What is an ambidextrous organization?

This themed collection features Professor Karl Moore interviewing Professors Michael Tushman from Harvard Business School, Professor Edward Lawler from Marshall School at USC and Professor Warner Burke from Columbia University in a series of videos. A selection of articles focus on the topic of organizational change and the ambidextrous organization.

Interview Themes: ambidextrous organization; change organizations; flexibility; innovation; unpredictability of change; leading change; change and preserverance; adaptable organizations; developing capability for change; change efforts; managing change; creating adaptable organizations; awareness of organizational environment; steady profits and adaptable organizations.


Interview: Professor Michael Tushman from Harvard Business School outlines the attributes of an ambidextrous organization.

Interview: Professor Warner Burke from Colubia University discusses issues related to change and its impact on organizations. How does being more open to change assist organizations and how it hleps promote a more flexible and lithe organization.

Interview: Professor Edward Lawler from the Marshall School at USC explores the notion of the adaptable organization and looks at how organizations can embrace change.


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