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Professional Developement Workshop Submission Process

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal for the 74th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. The submission system is now CLOSED. We wish those of you who submitted the best of luck, and we hope to see you all in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in August 2014.

Step 1:  Register Your Submission on the Submission Website

1.  Create a login account on the Submissions Website. Go to the submission website, and create a login account. Please make sure you remember this information.

2.  Enter the title and abstract of your PDW proposal using the following instructions: 

  • Enter title, short title, and abstract into the submission page
  • Use Title Case for the workshop title. The first letter of major title words should be in capital letters. Prepositions, conjunctions should not be capitalized for the title and short title. An example is: "Using Green Strategies for Recruitment, Retention and Engagement of Talent".
  • The short title must not exceed 30 characters (including spaces) in length.
  • Do NOT submit the abstract in all capital letters. The abstract should not exceed 250 words and must be inputted as single-spaced text with no double spacing between paragraphs. (This is for the online submissions form only. The proposal you upload should be double spaced.)

3.  Record your 5-digit AOM Submission ID number. After completing the data entry process, you will see a page that summarizes all the information you have entered. This page includes a 5-digit number which is your AOM submission ID number. Be sure to enter your submission ID number as a header on all pages of your submission. You MUST also use your submission ID number as the file name for the workshop that you upload. Please reference this number whenever you contact the PDW Chairs or Tech Support.  

4.  If any information is not entered into this database, it will not be included in the program. If any information is entered incorrectly into this database, it will be incorrectly listed in the program. Please proofread your entry carefully since this is what will appear in the final program.

Step 2:  Upload Your Submission to the Submission Website

After entering the proposal information into the submission website (Step 1), upload the FINAL version of your full workshop proposal on the same submission screen. Please make sure you have read all the formatting guidelines and instructions before uploading

Step 3:  Finalize Your Submission on the Submission Website

After you have registered your submission (Step 1), and uploaded it (Step 2), the last step is to finalize your submission by answering a series of questions (see below). If your submission is not finalized, it will NOT be reviewed.


Before your submission can be finalized, you will be asked to acknowledge all of the following requirements:

  • This proposal complies with all the submission guidelines, style formatting, policies and rules.
  • All of the participants are correctly associated with this PDW submission.
  • This entire proposal is contained in one single document, in the following order:

     - A title page that has the Academy-assigned submission number, title of the workshop, name of primary sponsor, and a list of other sponsors who might be interested in the workshop, and a 250-word abstract of the workshop.
     - A three- five page overview of the workshop.      
     - An explanation as to why the workshop should be of interest to the specified sponsor(s).
     - A description of the workshop's format.

  • The submission has a Times New Roman 12-point font, double spaced, 1-inch (2.5 cm) margin all around, and 8.5" × 11" page setting.
  • The final document was uploaded and the PDF conversion of this submission was reviewed on this submission site.
  • As the submitter, I certify that all participants have stated that they agree to participate in this workshop if it is accepted, and that they are not in violation of the Rule of Three + Three.
  • I understand that if this submission is accepted, all listed participants who wish to take part in the session at the meeting must register for the meeting. If none of the listed participants register for the meeting then the session may be cancelled. 
  • I understand that the scheduling and audio visual requests are requests only. If my proposal is accepted, the PDW chair will let me know whether my requests are approved.
  • This PDW proposal is now complete (follows ALL Academy AND Division/Interest Group specific instructions and requirements) and is now ready for review.

Technical support is available via e-mail to The help desk will attempt to respond within 24 hours. Please recognize that the help desk and submission system will be busy processing a high volume of requests just before the submission deadline. Please do not wait until the last minute to submit!  If the e-mail response does not solve the problem or is not clear, you can call +1-914-923-2607, Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. ET. The help desk is closed on December 24, 25, 31 and January 1.

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