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Professional Development Workshop Submission Policies and Rules

PDW Program Rule of Three

PDW Program Rule of Three

"No one may submit or be associated with more than 3 PDW submissions to an Academy Meeting; or appear* in more than 3 PDW sessions during the PDW Program from Friday to Sunday, regardless of whether the sessions are held on-site or off-site."



The PDW Program Rule of Three was adopted in 2008 in an effort to minimize scheduling conflicts, and ensure that workshop participants can stay for an entire workshop instead of having to leave early or come late due to commitments to other workshops.  This rule should also help to ensure that workshop attendees are not disappointed by participants who are not available for the entire workshop, as attendees expect.



To encourage meaningful exchange, Academy members should foster a climate of free interchange and constructive criticism within the Academy and be willing to share research findings and insights fully with other members.

    * All PDW participants listed on a submission must be available to participate from Friday at 8:00AM to Saturday until 8:00PM.
    * All participants on submitted papers, symposia and caucuses must be available to participate from Sunday through Tuesday.
    * All participants on AAT PDWs and AAT symposia must be available to participate all day Sunday.

The Rule of Three + Three


The Rule of Three + Three (no more than three scholarly submissions + three workshop submissions) serves as a means to ensure broad participation of members. It reduces the likelihood of the program being dominated by a small handful of people, and it helps ensure that no one is committed to appear in more than one place at a time. When people make too many commitments to participate in the conference program, scheduling conflicts often arise. As a consequence, participants may find it difficult to honor their commitments, and the program and the experiences of the attendees will suffer from this problem. People who agree to participate in an all-day consortium, for example, are expected to participate for the entire day. They should not leave after an hour to attend another session.  No presenter should have to arrive late to one session or leave early to present in another one. Organizers, other participants, and especially the attendees are all frustrated by such behavior. The Rule of Three + Three helps reduce these problems. Participants are better able to fully honor their commitments, and attendees can attend events knowing that the featured speakers will actually be there throughout the event.


How is the Rule of Three + Three enforced?

The electronic PDW and scholarly program submission systems will automatically block submissions that violate the rule. The system will inform the submitter of the rule violation and indicate which participant has already been associated with three other submissions. The submitter will have to revise the proposal by removing the violation. The proposal can be revised and resubmitted by the deadline without penalty. A person who agrees to be listed on more than three PDW proposals or three scholarly submissions puts all of those submissions at risk of being dropped from the program. Therefore, it is in the interest of submitters to ensure that everyone understands and follows the rule.  Clearly, the implications of including a violator of the Rule of Three + Three on a submission are far-reaching.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of each participant to understand and follow the Rule of Three + Three. If you have committed to participate in three workshops and three scholarly submissions, you should decline further requests.


PDW Proposals can be submitted to only ONE Division/Interest Group/Committee

It is recommended that you contact the preferred sponsoring division, interest group or committee to discuss your proposal prior to submitting. Please contact the preferred sponsor by December 13, 2014 so that you have enough time to finalize your PDW and submit by January 13, 2015 at 5:00pm ET (NY Time). During the submission process you will have the opportunity to suggest other divisions, interest groups, and committees that would be interested in the proposal. Dates subject to change.

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